Wedding interpreter


You’ve been dreaming of this day far longer than forever, and want everything to be perfect. Even the voice that will translate your vows. I’d be delighted and honoured to help you with that.

What better way to crown your dream by getting married in Italy. However, if you or your other half are not Italian citizens, the State requires an interpreter to translate the officiant to ensure both of you can understand what’s happening. Marriage is a legally binding contract and, therefore, the parties involved need to understand what they’re doing and agreeing to.

I’m a wedding interpreter and can assist you in the following languages: Italian-English, Italian-German, Italian-French. You can count on my experience, professionalism, and discretion on your special day.

What does a wedding interpreter do? Besides translating on the day, I can talk with suppliers and the wedding planner if they don’t speak your language. The law requires you to have certain documents professionally translated. These include the wedding certificates you have to hand in to the Consulate or Diplomatic Body of the foreign spouse’s country of origin, birth certificates, and the equivalent of a Single Status Certificate.

During the ceremony, I’ll stand by the officiant and translate the ceremony, the answers of the spouses and witnesses, and the vows. I can do so by either whispering to the non-Italian citizen(s) or by taking notes and translating as soon as the officiant has concluded a short passage. In this way, the foreign spouses(s), their friends and family – who don’t speak Italian – can follow the ceremony and be part of that special moment.

You can choose to have me by your side even after the ceremony to help foreign guests communicate with the Italian guests.

Photo by Selene Pozzer

Italian citizens married abroad

If you’re an Italian citizen and you want to get married abroad, I can travel with you and help you carry out administrative and bureaucratic tasks in the country’s language. My suitcase is always ready to visit Europe and more exotic destinations!

Organising a wedding normally starts months before the actual day. You chose your venue, decorations, and much more with plenty of time to spare. The same should happen when contacting your interpreter. They have to speak with the City Hall of your chosen city to take care of some red tape. In Italy, this requires plenty of time. Ideally, you should contact the interpreter three months before the wedding to organise what needs to be done.

After a first call, you’ll send the documents which need to be translated and delivered to the City Hall. I’ll then contact the officiant. I’ll also ask you to send me your vows and any speeches from friends or family in advance. Should they contain quotes or poems, I’ll prepare a written translation beforehand, so guests can receive a special something to cherish the memory of your big day.

Dress code is also key, as interpreters need to be close to the officiant and, in all likelihood, will be included in the pictures. My make-up and hair will be discreet, while the choice of outfit and accessories will be adapted to the ceremony’s style to blend in as much as possible, leaving the limelight to you and your other half.

Before the wedding, I’ll head to the City Hall and swear an oath as an interpreter, promising I’ll faithfully translate the Italian being spoken and the answers given in the foreign language.

Photo by Selene Pozzer

Interpreting for wedding planners and wedding suppliers

You’re not getting married but you’re supporting an Italian couple? I can help you communicate in English, French, or German. Wedding planners and wedding service suppliers can choose from three bundles when communicating with the future spouses.

Choose from:

  • 1-hour bundle, €90, valid 3 months after purchase
  • 5-hour bundle, €430, valid 6 months after purchase
  • 10-hour bundle, €800, valid 12 months after purchase

How it works

After choosing your bundle, let me know at least 72 hours before you have your conference call with the future spouses. We’ll keep track of time by dividing the bundles into 30-minute slots. This ensures you’ll always have my help on hand and added flexibility to manage every single meeting based on your needs.

Feel free to get in touch should the following FAQ not be enough.

How much time before the wedding should I contact you?

Before accepting an interpreting request, I always check there is enough time to prepare and document myself. If you need a wedding interpreter, I recommend you get in touch at least three months before the wedding. Is yours a last-minute request? No worries, I can still help out, but an urgency surcharge will apply.

Do you offer interpreting service for weddings both in Italy and abroad?

Travelling has always been part of my life, especially for interpreting assignments abroad. If you need an interpreter for your wedding abroad, just let me know when and where, and I’ll be there.

How much does the wedding interpreting service cost?

There’s no fixed price for interpreting. Fees vary depending on the location, its duration, and the type of service. Keep on reading to know what I need to prepare a non-binding quote. Just as an example, a wedding interpretation in Modena, where I live, starts at €250 (+ 4% national tax rate).

Which data and information do you need to give me a quote?

When you get in touch, provide me with the date, the duration of the event, the venue, the required language combination, and any other useful information. This will help me draft a non-binding quote for your wedding. I’ll be humbled and honoured to help you on your big day.