francesca 89

Want to wow your English-speaking clients, take over the French-speaking market or impress a German audience? Look no further!

Ciao! My name is Francesca and I’m an interpreter and translator working in the combination English to Italian, French to Italian and German to Italian. I also teach Italian and foreign languages – and Punto F is my business.

I help people who don’t speak the same language communicate: with the right voice, they can understand and be understood, achieve goals and live. It seems like a small feat but hey, when we talk about life, stories and business, communication is way more than essential. The right words can simply knock down language and cultural barriers – and that is something truly great.

Want to know if I like what I do? I love it: I believe this is the best profession in the world – and yes, I say “world” on purpose. I was 4 when I heard English words for the first time and I instantly fell for the language. After that, I worked hard to make this language love affair into a virtual airport: Punto F is today like a hub for my clients to fly far and beyond, taking off with my words to reach sunny destinations and incredible achievements, in a place where everything is clear, intuitive and natural.

Amazing, isn’t it? But I know you still have a burning question to ask, a doubt that’s been bugging you since you started reading this… isn’t translation and interpreting the same thing?


While translation is written, interpreting is an oral process. Which means: if you need your Italian documents to be written in another language, that’s a translation. If your client or international guest is visiting you or organises a conference but doesn’t speak your language, you need an interpreter. Browse away and read about this and many more topics to find out how I can help you. Aren’t you curious?